TEC Services, Inc.  provides complete structural engineering support for the design, renovation, analysis, inspection, and evaluation of parking deck systems. Our structural engineers use proven methods and construction knowledge to work with pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete structures.

TEC Services, Inc.’s visual condition assessments can usually be completed in one day with the subsequent   written report to follow in about a week.  The written report typically presents a list of recommended immediate and maintenance related repairs(if any).  Because understanding the order of magnitude of needed repairs is crucial to many of our clients, an opinion of cost for recommended repairs is frequently included in our reports.  If a more in depth evaluation is required, we have the   capabilities to employ more precise techniques such as petrography, non destructive testing, and computer aided analysis.   

Problems we find with existing parking structures range from structural distress to life safety code violations.  With our visual condition assessments, we hope to accomplish two goals:

1) Minimize risk to parking facility patrons and owners
2) Assist in effective cost management of a parking garage facility 


We are experts in double tee beam, spandrel panel, reinforcing steel, and any other element that may comprise a parking deck facility.  For more information about TEC Services, Inc.’s parking garage condition assessments, please contact us at (770) 995-8000. 

Sealant Joint Needing Replacement Sealant Joint Needing Replacement
Distress Double Tee Beam Distress Double Tee Beam
Carbon Fiber Wrapping Beam Repair Carbon Fiber Wrapping Beam Repair