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Powerful new microscope will enable all-in-one magnified evaluation and elemental analysis

Building on the success of current petrographic services, SGS TEC continues to innovate with the purchase of new equipment to better service their customers. 

From sodium to uranium, the lab can determine the elemental composition of materials without the multiple pieces of equipment and pre-processing formerly required. With this new all-in-one solution and a magnification range 5X that of preexisting equipment, customers can expect incredibly accurate material composition analysis and faster turnarounds.


  • Identify minerals or particulate phases 
  • Generate chemical composition information
  • Determination of trace elements substituted in primary components (i.e. iron in sphalerite, nickel in pyrrhotite)
  • Differentiate various components (i.e. gold and sulfosalt differentiation)

Digital Microscope Features:

  • Fast Imaging, Reporting & Measuring with a single system
  • Magnification range of 20x – 2000x
  • 20 times greater Depth Of Field than conventional microscopes
  • 2D & 3D measurement capabilities
  • Live Depth-Up Z-Scan 
  • Surface Profiles 
  • Auto Area measurements for particle counting
  • Ring, Coaxial, and Transmitted light options. 
  • Polarization capabilities for viewing thin sections
  • Elemental and Chemical analysis of samples with no sample prep

Contact an expert today, if you’d like to discuss our new capabilities, and how they may benefit your business.

Petrography laser-based elemental analyzer high resolution digital microscope