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Aggregate petrography is the most effective method for determining the suitability of an aggregate source for use in concrete

Our experienced team of professional geologists, petrographers and professional engineers evaluate the aggregate (coarse and fine) within our ISO 17025, AASHTO R18, and Army Corps of Engineers accredited laboratory in accordance with ASTM C295.

These evaluations involve visual and microscopic examination of carefully selected representative aggregate particles. Thin sections are examined and high magnifications with polarized light microscopes (PLM) to determine the following aggregate properties:

  • Alkali-Silica Reactivity (ASR) Potential
  • Alkali-Carbonate Reactivity (ACR) Potential
  • Aggregate Lithology (Rock Type)
  • Durability
  • Staining Potential
  • Rock Core Petrography
  • Quarry Approvals
  • Mica Content
  • Quality
  • Water Demand Effects
  • Pyrrhotite Content

Aggregate Petrography answers these questions

  • Can my aggregate be safely used in concrete?
  • Will this aggregate cause staining or pop outs?
  • Could this aggregate cause the same problems seen in the deteriorating home foundations in Connecticut?

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Our Aggregate Petrography capabilities include:

  • Quarry Approvals
  • Rock Core Evaluations
  • Alkali Aggregate Reactions
  • Mica Content

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