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Chemical analysis techniques and petrographic examinations on mortar determine the following characteristics

  • Sand lithology, gradation, texture, and color
  • Type of cementitious material and lime content
  • Air content and presence of entrained air voids
  • Porosity, quality, and durability
  • Equivalent ASTM C270 mortar type
  • Indications of previous repointing material
  • Recommended proportions of repointing mortar

Historic restoration and preservation of brick masonry buildings is a rapidly growing construction field, and mortar evaluations are a required initial step for these projects. This is because the proportions of the existing historic mortar will dictate the proportions of the new repointing mortar.

Our experienced team of professional geologists, petrographers and professional engineers evaluate the mortar within our ISO 17025, AASHTO R18, and Army Corps of Engineers accredited laboratory in accordance with ASTM C1324.

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Laser-based elemental analyzer & high resolution digital microscope


Our Mortar Evaluations capabilities include:

  • Historic Mortar Matching
  • Restorations

For more information on Petrographic capabilities contact an expert.