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Laboratory Testing

Testing your repair products will save your project from big expenses down the road

Our testing experts can help you with troubleshooting, formulations, failure analysis and DOT specifications and submittals

Refurbishments account for almost half of all construction work which makes repairs, restorations and protective services an essential part of our business. Structural projects can vary from buildings, parking decks, balconies, bridge piers, roofing and more. These projects use all sorts of products and choosing the correct product for your repair is crucial. Without understanding what caused the initial breakdown and possible compatibility issues you may risk costly mistakes.

Our laboratory performs a wide range of the testing on repair products for DOT Submittals/Specifications and ANSI testing for tile mortar products.

Contact an expert for a complete list of tests we perform, or for questions concerning a particular test.


  • Mortars
  • Non-Shrink Grouts
  • Non-Shrink Precision Grouts
  • Pressure Grouts
  • Cable Duct Grouts
  • Shotcretes
  • Flowable Fill
  • Rapid Set Materials
  • Formulations
  • Vertical/Overhead Patch Materials
  • Self Leveling Underlayments (SLU)
  • Featheredge Products
  • Tile Mortars and Adhesives
ANSI Tile Testing

Test Methods

ASTM C190Withdrawn Test Method for Tensile Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars
ASTM C191Time of Setting of Hydraulic Cement by Vicat Needle
ASTM C348Flexural Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars
ASTM C469Static Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s Ratio
ASTM C531Linear Shrinkage and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Chemical-Resistant Mortars, Grouts, Monolithic Surfacings, and Polymer Concretes
ASTM C596Drying Shrinkage of Mortar Containing Portland Cement
ASTM C666Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing
ASTM C672Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed to Deicing Chemicals
ASTM C881Specifications for Epoxy-Resin-Base Bonding Systems for Concrete
ASTM C882Bond Strength of Epoxy-Resin Systems Used with Concrete by Slant Shear
ASTM C900Pullout Strength of Hardened Concrete
ASTM C928Specifications for Packaged, Dry Rapid-Hardening Cementitious Materials for Concrete Repairs
ASTM C1107Specifications for Packaged Dry, Hydraulic-Cement Grout (Nonshrink)
ASTM C1202Electrical Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration
ASTM C1404Bond Strength of Adhesive Systems Used with Concrete as Measured by Direct Tension
ASTM C1437Flow of Hydraulic Cement Mortar
ASTM C1583Tensile Strength of Concrete Surfaces and Bond Strength or Tensile Strength of Concrete Repair and Overlay Materials by Direct Tension (Pull-off Method)
ASTM E488Strength of Anchors in Concrete and Masonry Elements
ASTM R18Establishing and Implementing a Quality System for Construction
Materials Testing Laboratories
ISO/IEC 17025General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and
Calibration of Laboratories