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Our laboratory provides in-depth petrographic analysis to characterize and evaluate the properties of your construction materials

SGS TEC has a team of experts including professional geologists and petrographers. We understand the unique challenges you face and can offer expert guidance to help you select and optimize your building materials effectively.

From aggregates, concrete, repair materials and mortars, we give you the details you need. Our labratory assess mineralogy, grain size, porosity, durability, and more. You’ll get comprehensive reports that identify potential weaknesses or issues, enabling you to proactively address them before they impact your project. 

Our petrographic evaluations empower you to make informed decisions and select materials that meet or exceed industry standards.

Aggregate Petrography ASTM C295

Mortar Evaluations ASTM C1324

Petrographic Evaluation

Petrographic Concrete ASTM C856

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)